my ♥ today

It’s a constant struggle for me to love. That’s a fact. The truth is, I run low on the compassion. I hate people pleasing, and I’m awful at acting a way I don’t feel. It’s a flaw. But I’m convinced there’s a healthy level of my intolerance and I’m determined to find it. God has prompted me to stand and be bold, even if that sometimes means alone. I don’t have it all together. But I’m comfortable being me and I want nothing more than to impact young girls with that confidence. I’m convinced that Godly confidence and boldness can change the course of their lives. There is nothing honorable in going with the flow of a content life. It’s boring. And we were made for so much more.

Love is a constant lesson that God presses in my life- I have to love, and I have to do it from the center of my heart. And if you know me at all, I absolutely cannot do that in my own strength. By nature, I’m a sarcastic critic. But praise the Lord that by grace, I can love. We can love.

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