my ♥ today

Will they have to lie at your funeral? Will they have to do their best to make you sound like you were a life well lived? Will the people in your audience stare at the big elephant in the room as they describe a person that they all know you weren’t? Those questions plague me.

I don’t want you to hear that I was a nice person, because that probably isn’t what they would say anyway. I don’t want you to hear that I was a free spirit and a delight to be around, because that probably isn’t true either. What I DO want them to say is that I lived to honor God. No matter what that looked like. No matter where it took me. No matter the reputation it gave me, or the many opinions that swirled. I lived with a purpose and a passion. And His name is Jesus! I lived for the reason I was created. And hopefully in the midst of that I made an impact for Him on many lives that will last through eternity.

What will they say at your funeral? I hope that question keeps you up at night.

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