Living out our faith 

​ Link: Living Out Our Faith

A couple of afterthoughts. This is something new I’m trying. As God puts things on my heart to share, I’m going to do just that. If what He’s showing me impacts even just one life, it’s well worth it. That’s my prayer. I’m no one special. I don’t have any special, cool talents. I have the Lord, and what He teaches me. I can write and I can talk. So, this is me allowing Him to use that.

I also forced myself to do this without any makeup and without brushing my hair. It’s a tangible reminder to myself that this isn’t about me and I want to communicate that there is freedom here to be exactly who we are. You included. Please add to the conversation if you feel led to do so. Keep it nice though, I’d really hate to have to go pre-Jesus Erika on you, she was pretty unpleasant. 😉

(And ps. My husband watched this and tried to fire me for all my “um’s”. I had to nicely remind him I don’t work for him. I said I’m new! Cut me some slack😁)