Kevin Blaze Britt

Yeah, I don’ t know how I got stuck with Lynne as a middle name and he got Blaze, but I plan on addressing that with my mom ASAP. He’s my big little brother that out grew me about 4 years ago. His name is Kevin. He is 19. We spent about 14 years in different homes many many miles away from one another. We grew up in very different homes, and rarely saw one another. Kevin moved to Houston last June. Our relationship has never been the same as it is today. He’s my brother, my partner in crime, and my best friend. I truly truly believe God had everything to do with bringing him to Houston. In November of this past year Kevin gave his life to Christ. He didn’t have the best childhood, in fact it was pretty rocky, but by the grace of God He pulled us both out of the pit we were living in and put us on a solid foundation and a life full of hope and promise. Praise the Lord! Kevin has every reason to be one screwed up individual, (no offence Kev) but he is the funniest, most level headed person I know. I LOVE the time we have together. He truly means the world to me. No one will ever take that place in my heart.

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