Chill Out Yo!

One of my very favorite things to do is to chill. While I love being around people, I seriously value my time alone. I love living by myself! There are days that I just come home and I’m so anxious to get into a good book, or play with my dog, or just veg out on the couch. I had a conversation this week with my mom and it reminded me of how well I am at losing sight of how important it is to spend time alone with God. It seems these days there is no such thing as a slow paced life….we’re all about the going…and going…and going. I know I’m guilty! Girl, I’ve always got somewhere to be!
Tonight I came home after dinner, I didn’t turn the TV on, I didn’t turn on any music. I just sat. If you’re picturing that I could see how that could be a little weird….but me sitting alone, inside my one bedroom apartment, with my dog is exactly what I did. For a long time. I just sat and prayed. (Now that I’m saying it to myself it is weird….I promise I’m stable) I truly feel though that sometimes that’s just what God asks us to do. Just be still….and know that He is God. It’s so easy to get lost in so many other things. But regardless of whatever those things are, our time alone with God isn’t an option. It’s a command. And a lot of times, it has to be intentional!

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