Do Work.

We had our usual Tuesday morning staff meeting this morning. Of course I would be the one that forgot about that email that was sent out last week about the meeting starting at 9:30 instead of 9. I cut off 5 people and ran a red light to get to the office. Don’t judge me people, those are just the facts. I love our meetings though…I really do. Everyone rolls in, some you can tell have been awake for a couple of hours, others have obviously just rolled out of bed (me), and we get a chance to talk about everything going on in, not only our ministry as a whole, but our own personal ministry. I look forward to it.

Brian Harris, our Youth Pastor, challenged us to think about 3 questions this coming week and seriously consider the answers.

What has God taught me, or is still teaching me about:

1. Ministry
2. Myself
3. My relationship with Him

Reflection is totally something I believe is key. Looking into the past to better prepare yourself for the future. As a ministry, reflection is a great idea.

Brian also threw out two words that sum up so much of what we as a staff want to strive to be about. INFLUENCE & INVESTMENT. Love it. I’m kinda still chewing on what those words mean to me personally….maybe more to come on that later.

1 Cor. 11:1

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