Worth so much more…

In this fallen world, I truly believe that love is begging to be unleashed….a love that is supernatural, without limit, a love that perseveres even in the face of the deepest hatred, or the sharpest pain. A love that doesn’t keep score. A love that is always there.

In this world, suffering and difficulty are certain. Friendship with God frees us from being limited by what we don’t have, by what we are suffering, or by what we are enduring. Mature friendship with God brings us to the realization that our existence is so much bigger than our suffering or difficulty.

Jesus didn’t come to offer us a free pass from this broken world, but instead a very real, very authentic relationship to walk with us through it.

I’m finding that the more I persevere, the more that friendship is worth an ounce of anything this world can offer me.

Jeremiah 17:5 & 7

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