I found myself almost laughing tonight as a looked through my journal. Countless prayers over the last 9 months begging God to use a situation in my life. Asking to be changed by the situation, molded, and grown. As I sat I realized that for the same situation, on this very night, I was crying out to God asking why…….why is this happening?

It all became so clear. Because I asked Him to.

I don’t know why I’m surprised. Does He ever work the way we expect Him to? Thankfully, no. Thankfully we serve a God so much bigger than any emotion, failure, or sin we could ever feel or experience. THANKFULLY WE SERVE A GOD OF INTERRUPTIONS….otherwise, who would I be today?

There came such an encouragement with that. I don’t care how hard it gets….I will never stop searching after my Savior. I will never lay down and die. I will go where He leads.

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