So I hit the gym after work today in the FLC, reluctant not only for fear of running into someone I probably wouldn’t feel like talking to, but also because they insist in playing KSBJ. Really? Who works out to KSBJ? Nonetheless, during my run I couldn’t help by over hear the DJ make the statement- “It takes courage to stand during the darkness, and wait patiently for the light to shine.” I repeated the statement several times in my mind before almost asking myself out loud- what does that even mean?? What does stand mean in that sentence? It’s easy to say….but what does that really look like?

What does stand mean for me? I’ve given it some serious thought. Some serious prayer.

I stand when the first place I run is to God.
I stand when I refuse to make myself too busy to feel.
I stand when not only do I listen, but I apply.
I stand when, instead of using your company and approval, I use His.
I stand when every stronghold in my life has been defeated. Forever.
I stand when regardless if it makes sense to the world, I obey.
I stand when every single aspect of my life points to Him.
I stand when I refuse to fit the mold.
I stand when I know that no matter what life throws at me, I am His.
I stand when I finally realize that all my guilt and all my shame is nailed to the Cross.
I stand when I understand that my Savior walked this Earth with boldness and without apology.
I stand when I realize that I’m nothing.
I stand when I realize I’m merely a vapor in this thing we call life.

What does it mean for you?

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