Fantasy Football

So yesterday all of our guys on staff met in Mark Terry’s office to get their “picks”. I carried on with my day….finishing up emails, getting ready for Wednesday Night Lights, went to lunch and returned. Still no sign of the guys. Really? I get it. Football is awesome. I really do love it. I love watching it, but over the years I’ve developed a rather strong hate for Fantasy Football! I dated a guy one time who had a team and it was ridiculous! Anytime we were near a computer it was a “quick sign on” that was seldom ever quick! And he was for real about this stuff too. I remember sitting in a restaurant one time and he found out that a player (obviously a very valuable player)was hurt and the yell he let out almost made me crawl under the table. C’mon man. I’m all about being passionate and giving it all ya got, but the key word here is FANTASY. Maybe I just can’t appreciate it, maybe I’m just a girl when it comes to this area, but either way I’m putting some strong thought into banning Fantasy Football from my marriage! I think I’ll write a vow, yes I just might!
Jgray, don’t fire me.

One thought on “Fantasy Football

  1. have you ever watched a chick flick and cried? fantasy. how can it really move you so much as to make you cry? it's not real… so let us have our competition (even if we're not actually the ones playing, we can still yell and scream insults and trash talk as though we have something to do with it)!

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