I keep a journal. Pretty often I like to go back and read the different things I’ve written. It’s an awesome way to be able to see God work in your life. You’ll write things that you would’ve never remembered. (And some things you don’t want to remember I’m learning) Doesn’t life change so much? I can’t help but appreciate it. I went back exactly two months to the day today and found this:

“Jesus doesn’t have a problem with us dying young, but when we grow old and have never lived.”

A quote from Loper when she spoke at OVERDRIVE one Wednesday night. Evedentally it grabbed my attention and I scrambled for my journal. All throughout my journal I find things like this. Different details about people, and things I remember about them. Different stories. Different scriptures that God gives to me. Different lesson’s learned. I love it! You should try it!

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