Fail. Big time.

Today I went to lunch with an old girlfriend that I haven’t seen in probably 3 months. She was one of my running buddies back in my pre-Jesus days. It’s been several years now. Occasionally we see one another, but as you can imagine the different lifestyles has taken it’s toll on the relationship. A good toll in my opinion. We talk of old times occasionally, but always with the understanding and respect that they are indeed only old times. Although she completely understands my heart and the things I believe, I was a total failure today. Not once did I encourage her, not once did I speak in a way that would’ve made me any different from the next person. I left completely convicted and almost in tears. Especially after she insisted on paying for the meal. Someone without Jesus just offered me more than I offered her. Wow.

This is just me being real. Today, I failed God.

Not a cool feeling.

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