QT, today.

If through the Spirit of God we have an unmeasurable power, why are our lives controlled by fear and insecurity?
This question caused me to stop, sit, and think. Which then led to the question, am I ineffective? Insecure? Scared? And the reality is, yes…I have the tendency to sometimes be all three. By nature I’m aggressive. I want to excel. Average isn’t good enough. In the times I’m experiencing ineffectiveness, or insecurity it’s very frustrating. And very discouraging.
The more I think about it and experience it, the more I understand that He truly is strong in my weakness. I understand what it means to live by the Spirit. I’ve taken the words of Paul today and found comfort. Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord. So, this is me boasting, recognizing I am nothing and I owe Him everything.
What a good day.

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