Note Taken…

Sometimes as I go through my journal I’m shocked at some of my thoughts. Some make me laugh, some make me sad, some I have no clue what was going through my head that day. When I put them together, it’s fun.
We are called to live in anticipation.
People change.
The smell of fall is comforting.
The fast lane isn’t fast enough.
We’re all in the process of dying.
God has given you dreams- chase them.
Wedding veils were cool in 1986.
Lack of belief is simply lack of understanding.
The least dependant you are on someone, the better!
I don’t want all the answers.
Never be intimidated.
Humans have a knack for screwing things up…..Welcome to existence.
London is beautiful.
Desperation and instability is NOT attractive, girls. Get a grip.
Hearts need a lot of time to heal.
Ministry is hard.
McDonald’s fries are the best.
The most growth I do is by listening to others.
Boldness should be a goal.
Life is one big decision.
In love is either the best, or worst place to be.
Fail. And get back up. Every time.
If you have to ask if it makes you look fat, chances are the answer is yes.
EVERYONE desires authenticity.
A changed life should move you to tears.
Obama is not the Antichrist. Everyone chill.
Finding the love of your life is an achievement. Treat it like one.
If you order from an infomercial, you’re an idiot.
Unconditional love is easy to say, but I’m finding one of the hardest things I’ll ever attempt to do.
Buy me a bag of sunflower seeds and you’re my hero.
Change brings growth.
I take the ones I love for granted. I hate this about myself. Must change.
Snuggies? Really?
Life is funny. We’re too serious about it sometimes.

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