The Kind of Anger That Propels

Thoughts to my Christian friends.

I’m wrestling through some anger. Not the kind of anger that causes me to go pre Jesus Erika and crack bottles over anyone’s head, so don’t run for the door just yet. This is the kind of anger that will no longer allow me to go along to get along. The kind that propels me to speak up. It’s moving out of fear of what others will think or what others will say into the space of embracing the fire for the sake of justice. There seems to be a list of topics that Conservative Christians avoid like the plague. Just to name a few, things like abortion, same sex marriage, equality, and most anything related to the LGBTQ community. If you’re like me, you might be asking yourself, “but how, how do I speak out in regards to these topics without being labeled as a bigot”, or one of the many other names that you’ll probably get called? I think that’s the thing though. You will receive backlash, you will receive, dare I say it? Persecution. Actually I didn’t say it, Jesus did. In fact, He tells us to expect it. Did you know though, that it doesn’t have to one without the other? We can hold strong to our convictions, be the light of Christ to those around us, and still practice love and boldness. It doesn’t have to be, rather shouldn’t be, one without the other. I love that passage in Micah that reminds us that He has shown us what is good and that what He requires of us is to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with Him. We’ve been given more than enough grounds to anchor our feet firmly in His Truth to tackle the battles of today’s culture that does all that it can to obliterate Truth from the planet. We can do these things, and we can do it with humility and boldness, all at the same time.

So to jump right in here, these are some of the things that keep me up at night. There is an absolute assault taking place against the family in our culture today. We’ve decided we get to decide how this family thing works. Forget the original design, we have new ideas. Want to have two dad’s? Great! Two mom’s? Even better. Imagine the efficiency of that laundry. (There is a progressive feminist that read that and now hates me.) It doesn’t matter how many times you repeat a lie, it’s still a lie. Like the lie “love is love”. I can’t even with this one. I guess we’ve also decided we know a better definition of love. So when your thirteen year old daughter comes home and tells you she’s in love with her forty-two year old boyfriend, or girlfriend for that matter, I guess the response is going to be, “Well great! Because after all, love is love!” This is irresponsible at best and needs to be called accordingly. So where does this leave us? Christians we can’t be surprised when what I’m describing is our world today because much of our world today is Godless. Big G. Quite frankly, it is to be expected. Post modern culture is trying to mold God’s created reality into a reality that they approve of, one that fits their definition of love, marriage, hate, equality, justice, male, female, tolerance, bigotry, and oppression. That does not mean, however, that we are to sit back and take it. A mature, discerning worldview does not need to fear the false messages that the world throws at us. What seems to be the response of many of us though, is that of comfort and safety, or honestly not even knowing where to start. I’ve been guilty as well. We end up being people that others will never say a bad word about. Our comfort zone is cozy and certainly won’t ever require us to rock the boat. We’re careful never to step on anyone’s toes, and when the day is done all is well because everyone likes us. Interestingly, if you’re a Christian, the “go along to get along” narrative is difficult to find in the Bible. In response to the Gospel, we should all be propelled into action. How that looks though, can be different for all of us. If you’re looking for some places to start here are a few ideas. Study linguistic theft, the epidemic of self-helpism in our culture right now, postmodernism, moral relativism, Marxism, feminism, and if you want to be really annoyed, progressive Christianity. Find out ways to be able to defend what you believe and then stand up for it!

7 thoughts on “The Kind of Anger That Propels

  1. Yikes, are you’re a pastors wife… Christian people are hateful hypocrites. You believe what you believe is the only right. Sounds like narcissism to me. You’re so worried about what people will think of your opinions but what about those people you are talking shit on? It has taken Gay people YEARS to get to the point where they can be accepted and not worry about what people think of them. BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU! Ohhh how the tables have turned. I’m so glad you’re worried about what you can and can’t say. Now you can feel what your own brother feels. You say oh but my brother is gay I don’t hate them. Yes you do… he probably feels so uncomfortable around you knowing your true feelings. Shame on you, you should be hated on. Christianity is failing and falling. You’re kids will be the exact opposite what you want them to be because the younger generations are getting smarter. We see the hurt you “Christians” put on people and we never want to be like you. I feel sorry that you have to battle with demons so you attack other people bc you think you are right. Get you and you’re fucked up husband, look in the mirror and see who you really are. You’re more fucked then the people you believe are true sinners. So chill the fuck out. If you can’t love yourself you will never love anything. God can’t save you. Only you can save yourself. People who hang on “God” are weak. Open up your mind.

    1. I’m all for my sister having her own opinion but what I don’t appreciate is you using me as a way to defend yourself. You don’t know me or my relationship with my sister. We clearly might not see eye to eye but I can very much assure you I’m very comfortable around her. Why? Cause like an adult I can respect her opinions even if I don’t agree with them just like she can respect mine. So in the future don’t state how I feel because you obviously know nothing about me, my life, or my relationship that I have with my sister. I will always stand behind her regardless what her opinions may be because I’m that COMFORTABLE around her. Also instead of attacking someone for having an opinion different than yours have a civil conversation with them.

  2. You’re a fucking joke, poor you can’t talk shit on people who worked so long to be accepted. You think you’re a victim but you’re far from it. You’re the last person anybody is going to listen to. Christianity is a joke and more and more people are realizing it’s a joke because of hypocrites like you. Can’t wait till I see you in hell. Till then, keep writing these articles on your first world problems and I’ll keep commenting so you can feel like the victim you think you are.

  3. You better be adopting every kid that is not aborted. Just because you have had a perfect life doesn’t mean you have the right to decide what people want to do in their lives. Your kids are gonna fuck way before they get married. They will realize how crazy you are and will go against you. Can’t wait to watch one of your kids come out of the closet so you can cut them out of Your life like every other “godly” person would do. Your husband is trying to teach kids when he’s more broken than all the kids combined.. Don’t be a pussy and delete these. I know you are reading this Erika

    1. I would never delete this gold. You just told me in three comments all I need to know about you, except of course, your real name. Not surprisingly. I won’t be bullied. I will continue to write about things that I believe and you can continue to not like it. I’m great with that.

  4. I know I commented the The other day but why did my comment not make the list when the comments above made it. Fucking hypocrite. You’re the type of people the world can’t wait to die off so we can have happier people who judge less. Especially you Christians who instantly think they are better than everybody. You won’t post my comment because you want people to think you love but really people have been hating on you more than ever since you started posting your so-called opinions.

  5. People’s hate, yours included, doesn’t bother me. I won’t be phased by those that don’t have the decency to own the hate they dish out. It’s cowardly.

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