Almost time to say goodbye…

I LOVE MY JOB. Not only have a been blessed by getting to be on staff at Second Baptist Church-North Campus, but God has also given me the opportunity to lead a Life Group during our Sunday morning Bible Study. I have a serious passion and love for ministering to girls of all ages, but seniors have been my main focus for almost 2 years. They are AWESOME. Unfortunatly, since the school year is almost over, they are leaving me….but I’m positive the relationships and bonds that were built this last year won’t end when our time together does. I can’t wait to see God use them in the future. They all have so much to offer and I am completely humbled at the fact that God would allow me to take part in such a pivital time in their lives. Hopefully I have pointed them in the right direction, but I don’t think any of them will ever fully understand the things they have taught me and showed me in my personal walk with the Lord. Pouring into others lives is where it’s at…get on board.

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