Be Bold.

It’s the lamest cliche know to man kind. Yes, we’ve all heard it. We’ve all been tempted to fall into it’s trap.”Follow your heart.” Sound familiar? I HATE hearing this. And I really hate it when it’s communicated to young girls. My gosh, they are confused enough. NO…don’t follow your heart, that’s crap. Follow God. Telling someone to follow their heart is like telling them to follow their emotions and emotions are temporary, always changing, faulty. God hasn’t called us to pursue a life always changing and under a faulty foundation. His word is clear about who we are and where our direction should come from. When we begin to operate through what we KNOW and the truths we stand on under God’s law we don’t have to worry about following our hearts. Hearts lead astray, but the Creator of that heart knows it’s true direction. I don’t know about you, but thank God! My emotions are excellent at screwing things up, quick.

I remember so long ago my biggest fear in following God was that I was afraid of what the friends, my family, anyone in my life, would think. Now, I live for the thrill of you not understanding me or being curious of the work that God has done and continues to do in my life. Have I been rejected, YES! Will it happen again, of course. That isn’t my concern. In fact, bring it! Chances are I won’t care what you think anyways. Be you. Be bold. Take it to the streets.

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