it’s what I know.

*your integrity says EVERYTHING about who you are.

*people only treat you the way YOU allow them to treat you.

*your problems aren’t your parents fault, or anyone else’s in your life: OWN UP!


*you can’t change someone’s heart…they’ve got to want it & Christ has to do the work. period.

*people are selfish, rude, and inconsiderate. recognize it. accept it. and make an effort to be different. unfortunately, skin deep seems to be in style these days.

*most girls are caddy & super lame…be extra nice, they hate it.

*change is hard, and is usually super hard…but it builds character, and character is key.

*self respect & self image. 2 things that everyone should understand COMPLETELY.

*hate and harsh feelings will destroy your heart…learn how to let go.

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